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While this program is used as a continuation of a preceding online workshop for students on the first level of Academic and/or Progress Probation, the information presented here can also serve non-probation students achieve greater academic success.

STUDENTS NOT ASSIGNED to Academic and/or Progress Probation are welcome to view the contents of this presentation. The tips and techniques presented are key to the academic success of any student.

If you are a student academic and/or progress probation:

Remember, the Probation Workshop is a two-part program consisting of:

  • Part 1: Probation Overview
  • Part 2: College Success Tutorials

Both parts must be completed successfully before you can be given credit for completing the Probation Workshop.


The Probation Workshop was built using Flash, but this won't prevent you from using your tablet to view the presentation. You can visit either Google Play (Android) or the Apple App Store (iOS) and download a cloud-based browser; such as Puffin. This browser is free and will allow you to access any Flash-based web content on your mobile device.


After selecting the accessible version option, you need to turn your screen reader off. There are built in accessibility functions within the orientation program that conflict with screen reader commands. If you do not turn off your screen reader, the built-in accessible features will not work properly.

Welcome to the Probation Workshop - Part 2: College Success Tutorials

Which version of the presentation would you like to complete?

How to navigate the this online program:

Choose and complete each program segment from the Main Menu.

A check mark will identify which segments you've completed and which remain to be viewed.

Example Main Menu

Videos are placed throughout the workshop. Standard play, pause, and stop buttons control video playback.

Example Video Screen

You will encounter Checks on Learning embedded within each content segment.

You must answer these questions correctly in order to be given credit for completing the segment.

Answer the question incorrectly and you will have to view the segment again.

Example Check on Learning Screen

Some screens provide additional content by clicking on highlighted text.

You are encouraged to click each item and view all the content.

Example Click to Reveal Screen

Use the screen navigation to move your way through each segment.

There are Back and Next buttons, a button to return to the Main Menu, and even one to check your Progress.

Example of Screen Navigation

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